Step Back in Time at Ike’s Amish Depot in Ethridge, TN


Explore the charm of simpler times and savor the delightful offerings at Ike's Amish Depot and General Store. Your journey back in time awaits!

Nestled in the heart of Ethridge, Tennessee, Ike’s Amish Depot and General Store is not just a store – it’s a living museum that beautifully preserves the essence of simpler times. 🌾 Every item in the store hails from the 1950s or earlier, creating an authentic time capsule that transports you to a bygone era the moment you step through the door.

At Ike’s Amish Depot, you’ll find more than just historical artifacts; you’ll experience the warm, nostalgic ambiance of yesteryears. The store is renowned for its delicious hand-scooped ice cream and milkshakes, offering a sweet taste of tradition that delights both young and old. Each visit is an opportunity to savor these timeless treats and relish in the simplicity and charm of the past.

But Ike’s Amish Depot is more than a nostalgic retreat; it plays a vital role in serving the local Amish community. It stands as a crucial transportation hub, providing a Greyhound bus station with a unique twist. Recognizing the needs of their Amish customers, Ike’s is the only Greyhound bus station equipped with a livery stable, where Amish families can safely keep their horse and buggy while they travel long distances. This thoughtful service underscores the depot’s commitment to the community, blending the old with the new in a seamless and meaningful way.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an ice cream lover, or simply looking to capture a piece of the past, Ike’s Amish Depot and General Store offers a unique and charming experience. Discover the allure of yesteryears and create timeless memories at Ike’s.