Lawrence County’s Shoal Creek

A relaxing adventure with a perfect view is as near as the cool, clear water of Shoal Creek.

For centuries, the stream brought Native Americans, pioneers, and industrialists to Lawrence County. Today it offers pure pleasure for those who float it aboard a canoe, kayak, or tube.

You’ll pass through quiet pools and light rapids traveling the shallow waters of the creek through the heart of Lawrenceburg. The creek begins to deepen near the U.S. Highway 64 Bypass bridge, so kayak and canoe owners can enter the water at any point with private property owners’ permission. The floats and runs along Shoal Creek can last anywhere from three to ten hours.

No matter where you enter Shoal Creek, you can expect to see plenty of wildlife along the way, including herons, turtles, and otters. Some have even seen eagles taking their catch from the creek and nesting in the trees. Bring along your coolers and fishing poles to enjoy your time on the float. Sandbars along the route are perfect for picnics, and bass, black perch, and catfish share the creek with you.