The Big Red Store

Once hailed as the largest general store in the world, The Big Red Store in Appleton had everything you could need in the early 1900s! Today the store has been restored as a museum and a monument to the history of the town and the original store, which opened in the 1902 and closed in the 1950’s. Although you can no longer visit the store for regular business hours, it is still considered a community meeting place for Appleton.

Pack a picnic, bring a chair, and plan your visit to the store for the third Saturday of each month 6:00-8:00pm from April to August to hear some of the best traditional country, gospel, and bluegrass around. You might also find the store open on the 4th of July and for their annual Christmas Open House. To visit this icon of southern Lawrence County, set your map to 436 Appleton Rd in Five Points, TN and you’ll be there in no time.